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Introduction to the Working Group

Packaging materials is a generalized term to capture a broad array of tasks (creating, revising, sharing, finding, crediting, etc.) for materials such as assignments, teacher notes, and evaluation data. Substantial effort has gone into creating materials over the years, but the community still struggles to find ways to effectively manage these. This Working Group is tasked to develop a standard for curricular material creation and sharing, joining with broader efforts of standardization (e.g., CSSPLICE) and existing initiatives for creating repositories, tools, and materials.

Original 2018 White Paper

The editable 2018 White Paper about the problem of Curricular Packaging, which led to this working group, can be found on here. We also have a frozen PDF.


Join our conversations through our Google Group.


Our static resources are located under Resources.

Open Challenges


The following subsections have information about events related to our Working Group.

SIGCSE’19 CSSPLICE Working Group Report

Full agenda is CSSPLICE Workshop Report with links and references.

SIGCSE’19 Birds-of-a-Feather Session

Full agenda for Birds-of-a-Feather with links and references.


We are the “Curriculum Materials” Working Group, although it is fine to say we are the “Curriculum Packaging” Working Group.

When abbreviating, regardless of whether you refer to us and the problem as “Curriculum Materials”, “Curriculum Packaging”, or “Curriculum Materials Packaging”, the acronym is CM. This avoids certain unfortunate shortenings.